What Can I Make with Sari Silk Ribbon?

What is Sari Silk Ribbon?

Sari silk ribbon has become an increasingly popular craft textile over the past few years. It is a beautiful product that has been created from what would otherwise be textile waste. In India and Nepal, when silk fabric is cut and made into saris, wraps, and veils, there is always a bit left over. Rather than throw that waste fiber into the trash, it has been made into a beautiful, unique, soft yarn! This yarn is a truly recycled product! It is a bulky weight and is soft and easy to knit, crochet, braid, and weave. It is made by tearing the leftover fabric into strips and then sewing them together end to end to create one continuous length of ribbon. You can then use the ribbon for various craft projects.


What Can I Make with Sari Silk Ribbon?

There are endless options when it comes to creating with this unique textile! A quick Pinterest search yields seemingly limitless results! Here are some of our favorite projects that our customers have shared with us and some that we have produced ourselves here at Phoenix Farm Fiber.

Weaving with Sari Silk Ribbon

Weaving with sari silk ribbon can create beautiful textiles and art projects! We have made many sari silk shawls on our triangle loom with lovely results! This ribbon also gives great results in mixed media wall hangings and woven murals.


Sari Silk Jewelry

From wrapped wristbands to simple scarves to tassel necklaces and braided headpieces, sari silk creates gorgeous pieces of wearable art!

Knitting and Crocheting with Sari Silk Ribbon

Break out your large needles and hooks to create one of a kind masterpieces with this fun yarn! From tote bags to baskets, clutches to garments, your knit or crocheted pieces will be bold and one of a kind!

Sari Silk Rugs

Whether knit, crocheted, or woven; round, rectangular, or oblong, sari silk rugs are sure to be statement pieces and conversation starters!


Decorating with Sari Silk

We have seen some incredibly innovative works of art made from sari silk ribbon, like luxurious dream catchers and eye catching string art!

Where do I get sari silk ribbon?

Phoenix Farm Fiber has an excellent selection of sari silk ribbon! We have multicolor skeins as well as solid colors in jewel tones, neons, primary colors, and prints! Check out our shop here to see our selection!


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