Finding My Way Back

My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was 8 years old. The first thing I made was a lopsided afghan for my mother -- one that she still has more than 25 years later! Even as I made my way through life and found myself living in a fast-paced, high pressure, career-driven world in a metropolitan area, I could always grab that basket of yarn by the couch and somehow find serenity in creating something with hook and string. My love for crochet led me to other hobbies as well: sewing, knitting, spinning yarn. All of these passions, as well as a need to find a more fulfilling and self-sufficient lifestyle, led me to leave the hustle and bustle.

One day my husband and I had had enough, so we packed up a moving truck and headed south! Fondly remembering summers and weekends spent on the farms of friends and family, we found our piece of heaven on a dusty, broken down old horse farm in western South Carolina, far from the commuter traffic of Washington DC. For the past 7 years, we have painstakingly and lovingly transformed that rough patch of land into a beautiful and serene holistic farm where we raise our goats and sheep; and we've never looked back. Everyone thought we were crazy, but now they, too, have seen our vision come to life.

In this new life, not only do we enjoy our self-sufficiency and caring for our animals, gardens, and orchard, we are also amazed at how every single skein of yarn and handmade market tote has a story to tell. We can look at a pile of mohair locks and laugh at the stories behind the animal who created that luxurious fiber. We refer to fleeces and roving by the name of the animal we sheared them from; it's not "that Romeldale yarn," it's "Beck's yarn."

We are very thankful for this life that we have and we are glad to be able to share some of it with you! So connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to follow along in our endeavors.

Phoenix Farm Fiber: We are fiber!

Natural Fiber & More at Phoenix Farm Fiber

Phoenix Farm Fiber is a boutique fiber business that offers natural wool and mohair in addition to carefully crafted handmade products and fiber art supplies. Here at The Phoenix, we take great care to raise happy, healthy animals in a way that Mother Nature would approve! We offer products grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, steroids, hormones, or unnecessary antibiotics. We come as close to nature as human intervention will allow!

 Our selection of fiber ranges from goat to coat and sheep to shawl! We've got wool and mohair at all stages of processing -- raw, washed, picked, dyed, roving, wool yarn and mohair yarn, and handmade items! And now we've got the tools to get you through all of those stages at home, from raw fiber to hand-dyed yarn and beyond. From our Kookaburra wool wash to Schacht carders, looms and spinners, and unique Spinolution spinning wheels, we're a one-stop shop for spinners, knitters, crocheters, weavers, and all fiber artists! What will you make with your hand-dyed yarn?

We Love Our Animals!

Phoenix Farm Fiber is a farm-based business in beautiful Berryville VA. Our white and colored Angora goats are sheared twice per year, then each fleece is hand-skirted and processed to offer our customers a quality product for their fiber needs. Our sheep are sheared every spring from our own small flock of Romeldale / CVM, Cotswold, and Shetland sheep. We love all of our animals and get such joy in caring for them!

We Support Small Farms

Phoenix Farm Fiber is committed to supporting small farms and fiber producers in the United States. We frequently reach out to these farms to augment our own inventory of wool and mohair. We do not source any of our fiber from large international resale organizations. We are dedicated to the sustainability and success of American small farms. As such, we only select high quality fiber from domestic family farms. Your purchase of any of our products, including raw fiber, hand-dyed yarn and handcrafted creations, will support the domestic production of natural fiber!

Shop our natural fiber and handcrafted creations and meet our animals today!