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Wool Dryer Ball with Felted Sheep Face

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Wool Dryer Ball, Hand Felted, Extra Large Dryer Ball, Felted Sheep Face, Reduce Drying Time and Static, Eco Friendly, Chemical Free

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Stop throwing your money away on dryer sheets full of synthetic fragrances and chemicals. Instead, opt for a long lasting, eco-friendly solution for your dryer: wool dryer balls! Not only are these natural, non-toxic dryer balls efficient and effective, they are made from a renewable resource! The wool will pull moisture from your clothes in the dryer and help reduce dying time, and the ball bouncing around among your clothes will eliminate static! The best part: they are fragrance-free and chemical-free! Perfect for people who have sensitivities or allergies to artificial fragrances or fabric softeners.

These dryer balls are hand felted from unbleached white and colored wool grown naturally without chemicals at nearby Hard Earth Farm where sheep are lovingly raised and humanely sheared. The wool is carefully cleaned and washed and felted by hand into these extra large dryer balls. While the dryer balls vary slightly in size and color, they average 4 inches across; roughly the size of a baseball. Plus, each dryer ball is adorned with the cute little face of a sheep! This charming addition is also hand felted and permanent. The face is felted with undyed, naturally colored wool; it will never bleed or discolor your clothing.

Wool dryer balls are long lived and will typically last more than a year hard at work in your dryer. Want to add a little fragrance to it? Just a few drops of your favorite essential oil on each dryer ball will give your clothes a subtle and fresh scent.

Makes an excellent (and interesting!) gift.

This listing is for one large natural white dryer ball with a dark felted sheep face.

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Weight 5 oz


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